Why does my 2 stroke have a wet spark plug?

By shawn hensley

Have you ever been out on a ride, stopped to check your dirt bike, and noticed that your spark plug was wet?

A wet spark plug is a spark plug that has fuel or oil on the firing end or electrode. This can be caused by several different things.

One of the most common causes is an over-rich fuel mixture, which means there is too much fuel in the air/fuel mixture being delivered to the engine.

This excess fuel can then make its way into the cylinder and onto the spark plug, causing it to become wet.

Why Is A Wet Spark Plug Important?

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It’s important for bikers to know about wet spark plugs because it can be an indication of problems with their dirt bike engine such as worn parts or an incorrect air/fuel mixture.

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If your spark plug is consistently becoming wet, then it’s likely time for some maintenance on your bike such as changing out worn parts or adjusting the air/fuel mixture – in order to ensure that your engine continues running smoothly and efficiently.

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A wet spark plug can indicate many different issues with your dirt bike’s engine, so it’s important for bikers to keep an eye on their spark plugs and address any issues quickly and properly before they become bigger problems down the line.

Quick Fixes for a 2 Stroke Dirt bike wet Spark Plug

Identifying the Issue

Checking for Oil Leaks

Replacing Your Spark Plug

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