by Shawn Hensley


(1) Bike stands. Even the simplest motorcycle accessories need a special formula to make them work right. A stand with a platform that is too big will look sloppy, and one that is too small will be harder to put your bike onto and easier for your bike to fall off of. Bike stands aren’t the most important accessory in the pits, but you might be surprised by how many variations there are

(2) Wedges. Most bikes don’t sit perfectly level when on a stand, especially KTMs and Hondas. The bottom frame rails pitch the bike forward or backward. A wedge used in the correct spot will raise both wheels off the ground so you can easily spin them when tightening spokes and sprocket bolts, lubing the chain, washing the bike, or filling up the tires. Works Connection’s stand retails for $159.95, and, for an additional $24.95, you can buy a wedge that bolts onto the stand. The Factory Effex V1 stand costs $89.95, and there is a bolt-on wedge that retails for $14.95.

(3) Open top. You might have noticed the Red Bull KTM team uses stands that don’t have a platform on top; instead, they have two rails for balancing the bike. Factory KTM doesn’t sell these stands, but Moose Racing makes an M-1 stand that you can buy for $99.95


(4) Foldable. In transit, bike stands take up valuable space in the truck or van. Polisport came out with the first foldable bike stand made entirely out of plastic, retailing for $80.00. It folds up and takes up a fraction of the space in your truck. One con with plastic, though, is that it can break if abused. Enduro Engineering came out with a foldable aluminum stand that lasts much longer, but it currently has a price tag of $249.95.

(5) Push-up

(6) Push-up. Kick-up stands are very popular for riders who are too small to lift their bike on the stand and for Vet riders who are riddled with injuries and prefer to save their energy and strength to actually ride their bikes instead of taking them on and off the stand. These stands aren’t the friendliest for transporting. Watch your fingers when loading and unloading out of the truck. The Matrix LS-One Lift Stand is very stable and lifts the bike with ease.

(6) Scissor lift.

Scissor lift. The scissor-lift stand is best for mechanics who are constantly working on bikes. These stands are heavy, bulky, and not meant to transport to and from the track. But, they’ll save your back when your bike needs some TLC.