Jeremy McGrath Net Worth and Profile

written by: Shawn Hensey

Motocross and Supercross fans recognize Jeremy McGrath as the King of Supercross. What is his net worth from his career?

He has a successful career with titles, awards, and championships, including seven AMA Supercross Championships, fifteen 250cc AMA National Motocross wins, and seventy-two 250cc AMA Supercross wins.

Surely, the King of Supercross earned a lot of money over the period known as the “McGrath’s Era.” But how much?

Jeremy McGrath, a famous Supercross/Motocross rider, is not as wealthy as his opponent Ricky Carmichael. Despite earning around $6 million, McGrath's net worth is lower.

Jeremy McGrath's net worth was estimated at $6 million by CNT, but recent reports suggest his fortune has decreased due to his retirement from Supercross.

After fame, success, and winning, most riders and athletes overall decide to retire and enjoy the fruits of their popularity. However, that’s not the case with Jeremy McGrath.

Jeremy McGrath, known as Jeremy Showtime, gained his nickname from his flashy driving tricks. He keeps his private life private, including his marriage to champion Kim McGrath.

Twice retired Jeremy McGrath, aged 32 and 35, had a remarkable season in 2001 with two out of three main event wins before losing to rival Ricky Carmichael.

He won two World SX Championships, one 250cc AMA National Motocross Championship in 1995, and seven 250cc AMA Supercross Championships. 

He also won two 125cc AMA Western Region SX Championships and was a member of the winning US Motocross Nations Team twice in 1993 and 1996.