How To Wheelie a Dirt Bike Like a Pro

by :  Shawn Hensley

Clutch Wheelie  vs Power Wheelie

Clutch Wheelie

The first step is to get your bike up to speed. You can use 1st or 2nd gear, but 2nd gear is usually easier. Once you’re in the appropriate gear, feather the clutch lever until you find the sweet spot—this is where your bike will start to chug and lurch forward. From there, pull up slightly on the bars while simultaneously adding throttle. Keep your weight over the rear of the bike as you slowly release the clutch lever. If done correctly, your front tire will lift off of the ground! Executing a clutch wheelie takes practice and patience, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be impressing your buddies in no time.

How to Wheelie a  Dirt Bike Using  the Clutch Method

Power Wheelie

Much like with the clutch method, you’ll want to start by getting your bike up to speed—but this time you’ll be in 2nd or 3rd gear. Use less throttle than you would for a clutch wheelie; too much throttle will cause your back tire to come off of the ground instead of just your front tire. Find that sweet spot and then begin to pull up on the bars while adding more throttle—the key here is smooth and gradual acceleration. And as always, keep your weight over the rear of the bike! With some practice, you’ll have no problem nailing power wheelies like a pro.

How to Wheelie a  Dirt Bike Using  Power

7 Step Guide  on How to Wheelie  on a Dirt Bike

 Get Into an Active Body Position

Grip the Handlebars Firmly

Get Into a Gear With the Most Torque

Put All Your Weight Into the Rear Wheel

Disengage the Clutch

Quickly Open the Throttle Then Engage the Clutch

Balance With Brakes and Throttle








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The Best Electric Dirt Bike for Wheelies

Cake Kalk & Electric Dirt Bike

Kuberg Freerider Street Electric Dirt Bike

Stealth’s H52 Hybrid Electric Dirt Bike




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Zero FXS Electric Dirt Bike


Cake Kalk &  Electric Dirt Bike

Kuberg Freerider Street Electric  Dirt Bike

Stealth’s H52  Hybrid Electric  Dirt Bike

Zero FXS  Electric Dirt Bike

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